On 2016-07-27 05:24, David Aspinall wrote:
> I would be sad to see support for other provers being taken away though.
>  We put a lot of effort into making it easy to configure Proof General
> to use with CLI tools (even bash).  Maybe the script management code
> could be refactored into a standalone mode.  I still see people in
> conferences cutting and pasting text into command lines!

Hi David,

In the case of bash, do you have more in mind that what comint-mode already 

In general, I think it'll be possible to reinstate support for REPLs after we 
make the transition.  We're transitioning PG to a more permissive protocol 
(instead of the current one-question-one prompt-one response), and it shouldn't 
be too hard to write a wrapper for REPLs further down the line.


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