Dear All,

One of the changes in version 2.8.1 was a tidy-up of the holnormal font, primarily intended to make tabs work nicely in xpp. I have just discovered that this has a very useful side-effect: the font now works properly in xterm, emacs, gvim and other programs with a traditional textual user interface. So now you can do, for example,

        xterm -fn holnormal

to get an xterm where you can run your favourite text processing programs like grep on ProofPower documents and get readable output. (If the above command says "cannot load font holnormal", you need to run, e.g., "xset +fp /usr/local/pp/fonts" to put the font directory in the ProofPower installation directory on the X Windows font path - if you have run xpp it will have done this for you.).



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