Users of Fedora 10, 11 or 12 will find that the openmotif-devel package from the RPM Fusion repository causes a problem for building ProofPower. The version of the package provided by MotifZone works fine.

As the Fedora distribution contains only those packages that are truly open source, many users will be using the RPM Fusion repository because it provides a lot of useful software that is not open source, e.g. video drivers. At some point last year, RPM Fusion started to provide OpenMotif packages.

Even if Fedora users installed the OpenMotif RPMs from MotifZone, once the RPM Fusion repository is in use, the command

 yum update

(to update all packages) will attempt to replace these with the later versions from RPM Fusion.

Unfortunately, the openmotif-devel package supplied by RPM Fusion doesn't put the header files in the same place as the package from MotifZone. They have moved as follows:

 /usr/include    ->    /usr/include/openmotif/
 /usr/lib        ->    /usr/lib/openmotif/

The contents of the package from RPM Fusion can be listed with the following command:

rpm -qpl

This is a problem for ProofPower installation because the PPMOTIFHOME environment variable used by configure must provide a directory that has


under it but no such directory exists with header file relocated as above. (I think there could be an issue beyond the configure script because PPMOTIFHOME doesn't seem to be used anywhere, namely in any include paths for compilation or linking.)

To work around this, prevent Yum from updating the OpenMotif packages by changing the file


(as root) so that the line starting


mentions openmotif* . If there is no such line, add one anywhere after the initial [main]. On my computer I have


If Yum has already updated the OpenMotif packages, you can revert back to the MotifZone packages by entering the following commands (as root):

 RELEASE=fc10  # choose from: fc8, fc9, fc10 (use fc10 for fc11, fc12)
 ARCH=i386     # choose from: i386, x86_64

 rpm -e openmotif openmotif-devel
 rpm -ivh \${RELEASE}.${ARCH}.rpm \${RELEASE}.${ARCH}.rpm

It should be possible to copy and paste the above commands into a terminal. Of course, reverting the OpenMotif installation may break other programs on your system...


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