Here is a sequence of actions with ProofPower which is 
causing me puzzlement.

:) set_merge_pcs ["unalg", "'latt2"];

val it = () : unit

:) add_%exists%_cd_thms [MkLat_recursion_lemma] "'latt2";

val it = () : unit

:) set_merge_pcs ["unalg", "'latt2"];
Exception Fail * Element cannot be found in list [find.1004] 
* raised

So 'latt2 now seems to be in a mess.

The theorem I used was like this (something similar worked 

MkLat_recursion_lemma ;
val it = %turnstile% %forall% cf C a b· %exists% f· f (MkLat 
C a b) = cf C a b

(it isn't really a recursion theorem, I just want to be able 
to write function definitions by pattern matching on MkLat).

Any ideas on what is going on here?

Roger Jones

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