On Monday 18 Oct 2010 23:17, Igorj V wrote:
> hello
>  after one year break i am trying to make some theory ;
> (it is for university course ; )
> now reading proofpower_tutorial.pdf

I'm not aware that there is such a document!
The tutorial documents are:

        usr004.pdf      ProofPower Tutorial
        usr011.pdf      ProofPower Z Tutorial
        usr013.pdf      ProofPower HOL Tutorial Notes
        usr022.pdf      ProofPower Tutorial Transparencies
Each of these documents contains material explaining how to 
use the tutorial:

        usr004 section 1
        usr011 section 0.6
        usr013 section 1
There are also instructions in usr022 which are intended for 
course students on machines which have been set up for the 
course, and so may not work on your machine.
However, section 0.6 of usr013 says something about working 
through the course material.

> one thing which i do not understand when opening example
> from directory /opt/pp/doc/ from xpp how to lauch
> something to prove?! when using pp -d demo i managed to
> enter some simple examples (Peanissimo)

Try following the instructions in section 0.6 of usr013 and 
let me know if you have a problem with that.

Roger Jones

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