Dear Community,

I had a discussion with my adviser today on an inevitable step we will have
to take after these proofs of my specifications are complete and that is to
take the specification and use it to write code for the system. This is
because of course the specification only tells us what the system does, not
how it should be performed, as when you code there may be many ways to
achieve a goal even with system constraints. In all the documentation that
we have read so far, when someone mentions they have taken their
specification have developed the system from it, no matter what the
language, they usually state that there was no need to check the code since
the specification was proven correct initially and therefore there are no
errors, or they just gloss over the details saying they did it with no real
discussion on how or what problems they ran into. Of course these two areas
are a simplification but most can fall under one of these two from what we
have read.

In any case, we came up with the question of what do you do when you are
taking the specification and developing the code from it? So, I thought
since many of you have written specifications in Zed like I am doing now,
what have you all done to take the system specification that you have
developed and implement that system in code?

I am really interested in what everyone has to say and their experiences.

Jon Lockhart
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