For anyone interested in installing ProofPower on Mountain Lion, here is what I 
would recommend:

1) get Xcode tools from the Apple App Store (it's free, but you will probably
need to provide card details to register).

2) Open Xcode from the Applications menu and goto the Downloads tab in
Preferences dialogue (from the Xcode menu). Press the button to install the 
command line tools.

3) Get XQuartz from and follow the 
installation instructions.

4) Get MacPorts from and follow the installation 
instructions. Note it will update
your .profile file to include /opt/local/bin and /opt/local/sbin in your path.

5) Use MacPorts to install openmotif polyml and texlive:

port install openmotif
port install polyml
port install texlive

6) Download ProofPower from http// and unpack 
the tar ball.

7) In the ProofPower installation directory, configure ProofPower to find motif 
in /opt/local and install

PPMOTIFHOME=/opt/local ./configure


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