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> hi
> i want to ask about that how to make the new database while working in 
> proofpower for zed...i am following proofpower tutorail for zed and it says 
> "For undertaking application work with ProofPower it is first necessary to 
> set up a new database as a child of the issued database ‘pp zed’" .what is an 
> issued database? how to use  pp_make_database to make a new database.

"Issued" is just referring to the databases that are built when you install 
ProofPower and are stored in the subdirectory db. Unfortunately, the example 
that follows this text is out of date. It should read something like:

        pp_make_database -p zed my_zed

The issued zed database is now called zed rather than pp_zed and 
pp_make_database should find it automatically.

>  and kindly also tell me when i run the command      xpp -d example_zed then 
> it says "printer not found, aborting".
> regards

I have tried to answer this before. It looks as if you are running a different 
program from the cpp program supplied with ProofPower. What happens if you run 
xpp using the full pathname, something like:




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