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We plan to start a project based on proofpower. So we want to have a look at 
the source code, in particular those ml files. I wonder that if there is a 
recommended editor which can access/organise the source code for a developer. 
Currently I'm switching between JEditor and vi in xterm, neither of them is 
ideal. Because JEditor can't show the especial characters properly and vi lacks 
of syntax highlighting and project organising.  Any suggestion ?
xpp is the only editor which understands the ProofPower document encoding (to the best of my knowledge).

It wouldn't be hard to make a translator between the ProofPower character set and UTF-8 but I don't think it has be done (though I do have a partial translator which I have used for making HTML).

Its better to look at the ProofPower .doc files rather than the .sml files, since they are the real source from which the .sml files are extracted (I don't think ProofPower uses the .ml suffix at all).
Also you can get PDFs from the .docs, which are nice to read.
I don't know a way to get syntax highlighting, but the sources are usually reasonably well laid out.

Roger Jones

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