Dear All,

I have just promoted OpenProofPower-2.9.1w8 to the latest stable version.
It will be the final version 2.9.1. I have also made available version 3.1w1,
the first increment of version 3.1. The list of things I would like to
do for version 3.1 include:

1) A tidy up of the logical kernel interfaces, in particular, adoption of the 
“HOL Constant Definitions Done Right”.

2) Full support for Cygwin (possible now that OpenMotif is truly open source).

3) Support for Unicode.

4) A contrib mechanism to make it easier for people to share
theory libraries and the like. 

5) Provision of an OpenTheory reader and writer. (I expect this will be a fairly
long experiment, so I am currently planning to use it as a case study for the
contrib mechanism).

Comments and suggestions for other things to add to the list are very welcome.

My intention is to deliver 3.1 in a series of increments. Version 3.1w1
is the first increment and addresses (2) and the HCDDR part of (1).



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