It won’t make much difference unless you are running ProofPower interactively 
thousands of times a day, 
but I have just discovered that as of version 5.5, Poly/ML and xpp accidentally 
conspire in creating a
filestore leak. This is because each time you run Poly/ML it creates a memory 
mapped file
holding statistics about garbage collection etc. (See

Unfortunately, if you kill or restart ProofPower sessions using xpp’s 
Command/Kill and
Command/Restart menu or if you just exit xpp, the Poly/ML runtime will not 
delete the statistics
file. These files go in the directory $HOME/.polyml. Each file is only 4096 
bytes, so you don’t
lose much disk space. Once a session has finished, the associated file is not 
of any interest
and can safely be deleted (and it doesn’t seem to do any harm to delete the 
file associated with
a running session). The files are marked read-only, so you need to delete them 
using “rm -f”.


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