Dear all,

I get the following error when I tried to instantiated a forall quantifier in 
an assumption which I inserted using asm_tac.

  Exception Fail * Trying to instantiate type variable 'a, which occurs in 
assumption list [z_∀_elim.6006] * raised

The following dummy example can replay this error

set_goal ([], %SZT% %forall% x : %int%; y : %pset% %int% %=>% x %mem% y %or% x 
%notmem% y %>%);
a  (strip_tac);a  (strip_tac);a  (strip_tac);
a (asm_tac z_id_%bij%_thm);
a (z_spec_nth_asm_tac 1 %SZT% y %>%);

What does this error mean ? Where did I do wrong here ? Thanks in advance.


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