>From version 3.1w6 most of the ProofPower manuals are available
as paperback books from amazon websites.

A search on a US or European amazon website for "ProofPower Manuals"
brings them up, or you can use the links provided at the top of the
ProofPower documentation page which is created when version
3.1w6 is installed.

They are reasonably priced, prices range from £2.75($4.30) for
"ProofPower Description" (64 pages) to £15 ($18) for "ProofPower Z
Reference Manual" (674 pages, free delivery in UK).
The interiors of the manuals are exactly the same as the PDFs
issued with v3.1w6  of ProofPower except for some resizing
to fit in the available trim sizes.

Roger Jones

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