> On 29 Apr 2016, at 20:31, Rob Arthan <> wrote:
> The linker can’t find the gmp library. What version of Poly/ML are you using? 
> Did you build
> it yourself or download it ready-made from somewhere?

I did:
        port install polymer

poly -v gives

Poly/ML 5.5.2 Release    RTS version: X86_64-5.5.1

> If you go into src/dev, what happens if you run the following command 
> interactively?

src/dev where?  Can’r find one.

But if I run it in my home directory I get:

Rogers-MacBook:~ rbj$ polyc -segprot POLY rwx rwx -o pp-ml pp-ml.o 
Only one source file name allowed
Usage: polyc [OPTION]... [SOURCEFILE]


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