Here is my reconstruction of the method I used to get ProofPower running on OS X 10.11.4, which is an adaptation of a recipe posted by Rob for an earlier version of OS X.

From the App Store install Xcode.

The rest of the process is done on the command line, so you either need to use terminal or you can use emacs (once installed).

Install Xcode command line executables by:

xcode-select --install
(and select "install" when prompted)

install XQuartz from
install macports from

You need in your PATH /opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin
The MacPorts installation edits your .profile to make that happen, which has the desired effect if you are using Terminal. If you are using emacs it doesn't (not with the out-of-the-box emacs), but if you copy .profile to .emacs_bash that does it).

To install openmotif you have to re-install xorg-libnXt because it needs the flat_namespace option.

sudo port install xorg-libXt +flat_namespace

sudo port install openmotif
sudo port install polyml
sudo port install texlive

Get ProoPower from and unpack tarball.

In the main directory of the unpacked ProofPower distribution:

PPPOLYLINKFLAGS=" " ./configure

(you may wish to read the README file and set other environment vatiables)

and Bob's your uncle.

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