Thanks for the help with UTF8 Rob.

That went through without hitch for me, apart from my discovering that my OS X ProofPower installation didn't work properly. It turned out that on OS X, as on Ubuntu 16.04, I needed to put in a softlink to app-defaults in my home directory.

Roger Jones

On 18/08/2016 21:15, Rob Arthan wrote:

On 17 Aug 2016, at 11:41, Roger Bishop Jones <> wrote:


It would be helpful for intelligible email discussions about ProofPower if you 
could tell us all the slickest way to get a proofpower script into a form in 
which it can be pasted into an email (UTF8 presumably), and vice-versa.
I hope this will be quite a bit slicker in the not too distant future.
For now, you need to build the pputf8 and utf8pp programs,
which you can do by cloning the pp-contrib git repo at:

Then navigate to pp-contrib/src/pputf8 and do:

        make -f pputf8.mkf bld

Now (unless you want to type the  full path names when you run the programs)
copy the pputf8 and utf8pp executables to some convenient
directory on your PATH, e.g., $HOME/bin or /usr/local/pp/bin.

pputf8 and utf8pp are filters (programs that read standard input and
write standard output) and convert from the ProofPower encoding
to UTF-8 and vice versa.

To get some UTF-8 to include in an e-mail, copy the ProofPower
text into a file, say mystuff-pp.txt, and do

        pputtf8 < mystuff-pp.txt > mystuff-utf8.txt

and then use a text editor on mystuff-utf8.txt to copy-and-paste
your stuff, now encoded as UTF-8, into an e-mail.

On Mac OS, there is a handy program called pbcopy that lets
you bypass the text editor step:

        pputf8 < mystyff-pp.txt | pbcopy

will put the UTF-8 onto the Mac OS pasteboard directly.
I think there are Linux/Cygwin equivalents for pbcopy
(xclip?) but I don't have any experience with them.

To extract ProofPower encoded stuff from a UTF-8
encoded snippet in an e-mail, copy the snippet into
a text editor, save it, and then use utf8pp to get
the ProofPower encoding. Again, you could use
pbpaste or Linux/Cygwin equivalent to bypass
the text editor step.



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