Good Web Sites for Real Estate Investors


Is any one buying any good properties right now.  Here are some
websites for your review:

Real Estate Investor News and Information-
provides a very large collection of useful articles and tips
regarding real estate and property. This includes advice, quotes,
insurance, listings, agents and much more

Real Estate Courses - Looking for the best prices and selection on ,
Carleton Sheets, Rich Dad, Robert Allen, Russ Whitney then check out
this.  Learn to invest in real estate and profit!

Land of Tickets - When you need to travel to see your properties,
check out this site.Travel, entertainment, sports, concert, plays,
lottery and much, much more. If it is a ticket you can get it at
Land of So go check it out.

If you invest in Buffalo, New York, this is a good Yahoo Group:

If you invest in Denver, Colorado, this is a good Yahoo Group:

Happy hunting.  Best regards.


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