The property address is 162 Brinkman, Buffalo, NY  14211

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This property was purchased at Buffalo's annual Tax Foreclosure auction
on Oct 24th, 2007. The auction price was $3,600 with the option to
assign the purchase contract for $75.  I put down 20% or $720 after
winning the bid, the remaining balance must be paid in full by Dec 16th.  I 
will sell the contract for
$3,000/OBO. This property is already occupied and can start generating
rental income immediately upon receiving the deed.. The current occupant
rented from the company that was foreclosed on.  Your total cost will be 
$3,600(auction price) + $75(city
assignment fee) +
$500(closing costs estimate) + $3,000/OBO(my assignment price).  At the
most, your purchase price would be $7,175 for a property assessed at
$27,000.  This property would be
perfect as a rental property for your portfolio. 
Richard L. Tandy II
Riverstone Realty LLC

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