This property is located near Rochester,

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Here is a 310 acre parcel of land that is currently being used for
farming. Property is just outside of Scottsville and within 15 minutes
of Rochester. There is huge potential for this property, it can
continue to be used for crops, turn it into a housing track, apartment
complex, or there was even speculation of turning it into a golf
course. If you are a land developer, I'm sure you can come up with more
ideas than that, these are just the current ideas. There is also a
house on the property, 1500+ sqft, 1 story. Other items on the property
include: steel storage building(very large), wooded areas, 2 ponds,
access roads. I am selling this property on behalf of my uncle who is
no longer capable of farming the land. 
Richard L. Tandy II
Riverstone Realty LLC

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