This property is located in Buffalo, NY

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This property is a 1 family residence with 1333sqft. There is 1
kitchen, 1 bathroom, & 4 bedrooms. This property has vacant land
next to it as well as 3 lots behind it. This property could have a lot
of land for someone interested in owning this house for themselves. The
second possibility is to be sold as a rented property that will yield
immediate income once you close on it. The rental income will be
$650/mo or $7,800/yr. Total taxes for this property between
city/school/county/sewer/userfee is $661.88/yr. Price is set at
$23,900/firm. Anyone interested in this investment for your portfolio,
feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone.
Richard L. Tandy II
Riverstone Realty LLC

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