My associates and I are looking for investors who would like to see
a good yield on their money.  We purchase properties in the Buffalo
area of NY, rehab them completely and then sell them to homeowners
through specialized federal programs.  If you or anyone you know would
like to invest in real estate, we will give 20% interest on any monies
loaned to us.  We have a spreading agreement that will secure your
loans to us with properties we acquire.  Any amount would be
acceptable, however, it would be suggested that any investment offered
should be a minimum of $10,000.  Most of our current investors come in
with around $100,000.  Currently we have the capacity to rehab 4-8
properties per month, but we would like to expand within the next year
to at least double that capacity.  Along with receiving 20% interest on
your loan to us, we will also give a $250 bonus each time we sell a
property from your portfolio we maintain for you.  We will also provide
you with a monthly statement of our companies progress and openly
invite you to visit the Buffalo area at your leisure to see the
projects as they progress.  If interested, please do not reply to this
message as I will likely miss it in all the spam I receive at this
address.  Please mail your reply to [EMAIL PROTECTED], we can
then send you the spreading agreement to you and strongly suggest you
have a lawyer review it to reassure you we are legitimate.

 Richard L. Tandy II
Riverstone Realty LLC


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