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Property address: 24XX Coral Street Philadelphia PA 19125
Price: 65K
2421 Cedar St .46 mi from the subject property 180K
2135 E.Letterly St. .22 mi from the subject property 160K
2518 E. York St .5mi from the subject properly 181K
2155 E. Letterly St .2 mi from the subject property
The property is 1100 square feet, right in the path of progress. It has a new 
brick front, new windows in the front and is a completely gutted shell. It is a 
three bedroom 1.5 bathroom shell. It was inspected by both a contractor and a 
home inspector. Both individuals deemed it structurally sound.
Also, there is a lot of revitalization in the area and the property is parallel 
o the Franklin Arts Corridor. The New Kensington Community Development 
Corporation ( is beautifying the area and actively receives 
grants from the city for their work. Also, there is the Coral St. House that is 
a renovated apt building that opened in 2005 for artists to live.There are 
regularly scheduled art appreciation activities that are held in the general 
There have been a promising amount of sales activity in the vicinity over the 
past year.
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