I am looking for investors to work with in renovating homes in Buffalo, 
NY.  I currently renovate houses with a couple associates and am looking to 
branch out to do more homes.  I am also a licensed Realtor.  I am able 
to find the good deals easily, as well as get the renovations done, but 
am in 
need of more capital to do these projects.  That's where you come in.  
If you are looking to get in on solid investments that will yield at 
least 50% 
ROI annually and would like to be a silent investor or active partner, I can 
accommodate either.  I am local to buffalo so am able to oversee the 
renovations as well as do some of the work myself.  In order to get 
on the next house I either need 1 investor or several with a net startup of 
$40,000.  If interested in working with me to make good profits, contact me 
at the e-mail below or call, DO NOT REPLY to this e-mail as I get 
hundred messages per day and will be very difficult to weed out your 
from all the spam.  I can explain the business plan once we have made 
contact or met.  Thank you for your time.
 Richard L. Tandy II
Riverstone Realty LLC


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