On Mon, 2013-02-11 at 04:34 +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Christine Spang (2013-02-10 23:23:53)
> > I'd be more than happy to have you start being the primary maintainer 
> > for SD/Prophet. I sure wish I could say that I was definitely ready to 
> > throw some more love into the software, but I definitely don't have 
> > the energy/attention to spare right now. It's awesome to hear that 
> > there is other interest out there!

Christine, I've been forgetting for the last couple of months to ask for
comaint on PAUSE so I could push out a new release with the github
fixes. Could you set that up for me, please?

> I am a DD (just tend to use my own email address) so need no sponsoring 
> - but since you include that option I will keep you as uploader for now, 
> leaving open the possibility of you magically gaining renewed interest 
> and time for these projects again.

Collision alert!!! Sorry Jonas, I'd already migrated the packages over
to debian-perl, but apparently didn't remove the original repo. I need a
DD to check my work before I removed the original. Was using
`takeover-for-pkg-perl.sh` the right thing to do, or should I have just
moved the repo on alioth? 

I'd like to do one maintenance/bug fixing release upstream which would
also fix any outstanding debian bugs, so we shouldn't need CDBS or any
deb patches. In the future, I plan on removing all of the third-party
assets, so repacking won't be required post-wheezy. (for people not
installing via package managers, I'll add a script to download all the
required resources at install time).

I have a lot of notes on my ideas for the future of prophet and sd, and
another prophet-using app I've been planning. I'll write them up into
something useful and post them tomorrow. Hopefully nothing


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