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> [replying to list only - hoping everyone interested are subscribed]
> Quoting Ioan Rogers (2013-02-14 23:15:59)
>> What put me off using prophet in the past was the sheer *size* of it. 
>> It's a full-fledged application framework, providing CLI and web 
>> interfaces and has a lot of dependencies. Perl being Perl, there are 
>> many different ways of doing those. I had an app with a sqlite db 
>> being shared over Dropbox. The app already had its own CLI, web 
>> server, templates, all I wanted to change was the storage.
>> My ultimate goal here is to make prophet more of a lightweight ORM 
>> which will give a developer an easy and robust way of storing, syncing 
>> and sharing their data without making choices about the rest of the 
>> app for them.
> Any exciting news yet?

I was waiting on PAUSE access and/or objections from Christine. Then I
was handed one of those Large Annoying Life Events which has just
started to settle down.

If there was anything sent to me from Feb 20th to about March 5th that I
can't read on a list archive, please resend!

I don't honestly expect to start major Prophet work until next month
unfortunately, but I will get a maintenance release out this weekend
(thanks for the PAUSE access Christine!)

> I just stumbled across Rinci and Riap and immediately thought of above.
> https://metacpan.org/module/Perinci

I've only ever skimmed the docs of those modules in the past and was
never quite sure if I'd have a use for them. I'll certainly scrutinise
them with Prophet in mind.

Here's my OpenID for branchable, if someone can set me up:



Ioan Rogers

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