With the 2008 rate update for UPS, we also added a significant number of 
indexes to speed up various evolutions. Due to the length of time it could take 
for some databases to create all of them, we made it a configurable parameter 
to turn them on, so it could be done after rate change when things are a little 
less pressured.

In addition, it changes one of the indexes to make tracking number a Primary 
Key, making sure tracking numbers won't duplicate.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing many support calls to the effect of "My 
system is getting slower..." and "My PLD transmission babbles about duplicate 
tracking numbers...", meaning people aren't turning them on. 

Thus, starting with the UPS posted in production downloads now, you will get a 
server warning message on startup if the index creation is not turned on. 

As a reminder of how to do this:
- Launch PEST
- Navigate to "ProShip Server"
- Navigate to "System Databases"
- Navigate to "Optimizations" tab
- Turn on "Auto maintain UPS Database Indexes"
- Save and restart Proship

Please give us a call if you have any questions. 
Jeff Goeters
Best Way Technologies, Inc.
847-758-2193 x811
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