There was a problem in how we determine leap years for our USPS, UPS, and DHL 
components' shipdate validation that will prevent you from shipping this 

A patch that fixes this is available immediately in production updates for UPS 
and DHL.

Although we have it fixed in USPS as well, and we have our MAC approval for the 
Large Flat Rate Box, we have a few more QA checks for the new postage 
statements required on that change that will likely preclude the USPS patch 
until tomorrow morning (or late tonight).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



As an unrelated side note, the PSSO.DLL and PSSH.DLL that have the PSLR 2.0 
logic (for multiple pages, resolution, rotation, etc) is now a production 
release. Although most engines and "canned" PLTs will not immediately reflect 
the capabilities, black box customers will be able to use it immediately for 
custom documents. We will push a new ProShip Warehouse GUI shortly (most likely 
the first week of March) with the print screen functionality for configuration.
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