There are two download routines inside PSUpdater- one uses the MSXML XMLHTTP 
object, and another uses WinInet. They are both "supposed" to play well with a 
properly configured proxy server, but we have seen otherwise with the former. 

Specifically, we can't get a useful error message out of it... if it fails, it 
fails. And Microsoft thinking we are too dumb to understand why is making us 
look bad, so away that goes. 

There is a new tool posted in PCP if you would like to play with it:

This uses *ONLY* the WinInet API, so it will hopefully give our support staff a 
more useful error message in the event you have a problem connecting. 

This will eventually be pushed to production updates, so if you have a 
questionable firewall, you may wish to test this now rather than later. 

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