first sorry for my bad english...

i have installed prosody 0.9 and 0.10 and i have a little problem.

after both installations i use the storage "sql" and all work.
i created 3 user admin, admin1 and admin2 ;)
i can write messages and use the roster
all is stored in the sqldb...

the configfile is default only
storage = "sql" -- Default is "internal"
sql = { driver = "MySQL", database = "prosody", username = "xxxx", password 
= "xxxx", host = "localhost" }

with mod_storage_sql :
Feb 14 16:47:18 datamanager     debug   Assuming empty offline storage 
('cannot open /var/lib/prosody/xxxxxxxx/offline/admin.list: No such file or 
directory') for us

with mod_storage_sql2 :
prosody created prosodyarchive but an offline message would not write into 
Feb 14 16:45:03 sql     debug   SQL transaction success 

i dont have modify any modul or database

but i want save all in the sqldb, what is wrong by my way?


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