I use Prosody's pubsub with Asterisk, the 'prosody.cfg.lua' snippet is:
Component "pubsub.pbx.example.com" "pubsub"
  admins = { "aster...@pbx.example.com" }
  autocreate_on_subscribe = true
  autocreate_on_publish = true

I assume it is a permissions issue.


On Feb 19, 2014, at 12:19 PM, borjatrapie...@imagine800.es wrote:

> I'm working with pubsub module in Prosody 0.9.
> It works fine with admin users (defined in main configuration), creating and 
> getting nodes, publishing...
> However, the rest of users can get nodes, subscribe to them, but not publish 
> or create new ones.
> The error showed in the client (asmack) is "forbidden(-1)"
> My configuration is simple, like the example:
> Component "pubsub.myservice" "pubsub"
> Thanks for the help.

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