On Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6:36:40 PM UTC+1, Kim Alvefur wrote:
> There's a module that enables a round-robin style load-balancing for 
> components: 
> http://code.google.com/p/prosody-modules/source/browse/mod_component_roundrobin/mod_component_roundrobin.lua
> IIRC, you use it like this: 
> Component "test.example.com" "component_roundrobin" 
> And then a component secret as with normal external components. 
I've copied mod_component_roundrobin.lua to plugins, added 
"component_roundrobin" after component name and prosody starts with no 
errors. Unfortunately our component can't connect as before because of 
connection refused exception. We use Smack library to register the 
component. The exception comes from network layer, so it looks like port 
normally used to register components is not opened. Any ideas why this 
could happen ?

Not sure if that's important, but when I run "prosodyctl check" there is a 
warning that component subdomain is not resolved to this server. Anyway 
when there is no "component_roundrobin" included it works like a charm 
despite this warning.


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