Hello prosody developers,

I've faced a slight problem when trying to use Prosody with SSL. 

I have following in the global part of my prosody.cfg.lua:

ssl = {
        key = ".../ssl.key";
        certificate = ".../ssl.crt";

When I try to start the server, it gives a few lines of this:

SSL/TLS: Error initialising for ...: OpenSSL does not support ECDH

OK, fair enough. My OpenSSL installation hasn't got ECDH enabled and I 
don't need it anyway, so let's not use it:

ciphers = "HIGH:!PSK:!SRP:!3DES:!aNULL"

Still the same error.

So I went to see what causes luasec to do that:

-- Set elliptic curve
if cfg.curve then
  succ, msg = context.setcurve(ctx, cfg.curve)
  if not succ then return nil, msg end



static int set_curve(lua_State *L)


  lua_pushstring(L, "OpenSSL does not support ECDH");
  .... // Fail


OK, so it happens if we set the curve. Let's try to "not set" it:

curve = "";

Doesn't help, as it's set to the default value in that case. So let's try 
not to set it at all specifically:

--- certmanager.lua     2014-01-12 11:41:40.000000000 +0000
+++ certmanager.lua 2014-03-16 20:17:55.804035803 +0000
@@ -69,7 +69,6 @@
                verifyext = user_ssl_config.verifyext or default_verifyext;
                options = user_ssl_config.options or default_options;
                depth = user_ssl_config.depth;
-               curve = user_ssl_config.curve or "secp384r1";
                ciphers = user_ssl_config.ciphers or 
                dhparam = user_ssl_config.dhparam;

This gets it.

Of course, I could just enable ECDH, but unfortunately it is not a trivial 
task on my distribution (it's EC2 Amazon Linux) - you need to build it from 
sources with some flag set, which sounds like a potential source of even 
more problems.

I've tried installing the current master of prosody and got the same 

So what do you think about it, guys? Am I doing something wrong, or this 
should be fixed? I'll be more than happy to fix it myself and pull-request, 
if we agree on how this should be dealt with. I am not very good with all 
that SSL terminology, but is it required to have curve set to something 
even if we don't intend to use ECDH?


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