Finally I stay on 8.2 ( I had problems with 9.3.0 maybe because of me? I 
will see later why).

The c2sports works fine. Quite easy finally.
I manage to make a little module based on mod_stanza_counters. Ok

But I sill have problem:
origin.conn:serverport() gives me the server port of  the message source 
For incoming message this is what I want.
But for outgoing messages , I'd like to get the server port of the message 
destination session (not the source !).
How to do this the cleanest way?

The goal of my system is something like this:
people on 5222 have normal behavior
people on 5223 can't send and received messages, but sent and receive 
So my module must reject all message from (ok for this) and to ( how?) 
 port 5223


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