Hi Peter,

On 2014-05-03 20:51, Peter Villeneuve wrote:
> How can I limit concurrent logins from the same account on Prosody?
> ie. if user A is logged in once, then any subsequent attempts to login
> will fail.

There's this simple plugin:

No docs written yet, sorry about that.  The only configuration option is
max_resources, which defaults to 10.  So you want to add
max_resources = 1
to your config file and of course add the module to the modules_enabled

> I know this goes against the spirit of xmpp, but I have a particular
> case where I need to make sure that each jid is only logged in once.

Well, you might want to have a reasonable limit anyways.  I've heard
stories of people who created chat services where everyone was using the
same jid on another server.

Hope this helps,
Kim "Zash" Alvefur

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