Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce Prosody 0.9.5, the latest release of our
stable 0.9 branch.  This release brings a bunch of fixes and smaller

A summary of changes in this release:

* C2S: Fix traceback if a client opens a stream to component, which
could cause a crash in combination with some versions of LuaEvent
* C2S, S2S: Log received invalid stream headers
* S2S: Fix case where stream headers were sometimes sent twice
* DNS: Ensure all pending requests get notified of a timeout when
looking up a record
* DNS: Fix duplicated cache insertions by limiting outstanding queries
per name to one
* xmppstream: Disable LuaExpat's buffering
* xmppstream: Disable CharacterData merging after stream restarts
* xmppstream: Pass invalid stream headers to error handling
* Privacy lists: Correctly sort privacy list rules by order
* prosody: Check dependencies later in the startup sequence
* Config: Delay importing LuaFileSystem until needed by an Include line
* Config: Normalize VirtualHost and Component names
* prosodyctl: Normalize JIDs for adduser/passwd/deluser
* POSIX: Fix error reporting from disk space allocation
* POSIX: Verify that 'pidfile' is a string, show friendly error otherwise
* Dependency checking: Check that prosody is running under Lua 5.1.  We
don't currently support any other versions. (LuaJIT identifies as 5.1)
* Compliance: Reset stream ID when resetting stream
* Compression: Log compression setup errors
* Console: Fix commands for adding and replacing name servers
* Console MUC commands: Fix error when a non-existent host is entered
* Filters: Prevent filters from being added twice
* Network: Transfer all available data between linked sockets
* dataforms: Add support for XEP-0221: Data Forms Media Element

More information can be found in the release announcement:

Download information can be found at https://prosody.im/download

Happy Jabbering,
The Prosody Team

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