Hi folks,

We are pleased to announce Prosody 0.9.6, the latest release of our
stable 0.9 branch. This is mainly a bug fix release, with security and
interoperability implications.

Note: This release disables SSLv3 by default, which has been shown to
be insecure when used by clients. Clients that only support SSLv3 will
no longer be able to connect. There are not many of these nowadays,
but they exist.

A summary of changes in this release:

  * certmanager, net.http: Disable SSLv3 by default
  * net.http.parser: Support status code 101 and allow handling of the
received data by plugins
  * util.filters: Ignore filters being added twice (fixes issues on
removal, i.e. when some plugins are reloaded/unloaded)
  * mod_s2s: Close offending s2s streams missing an 'id' attribute
with a stream error instead of throwing an unhandled error
  * Networking API: Add 'ondetach' callback for listener objects, to
prevent leaks when connections have their listener changed
  * core.stanza_router: Stricter validation of stanzas
  * mod_admin_adhoc: Mark 'accountjids' field as required in 'end user
sessions' command (thanks Lloyd)
  * mod_admin_adhoc: Add required to field in user deletion form too
  * net.dns: Avoid duplicate cache entries
  * util.stanza: Escape newlines and tabs (\r\n\t) when serializing stanzas.
  * util/dataforms: Make sure we iterate over field tags only
  * mod_s2s: Capitalize log message
  * mod_pubsub: Fix error type of 'forbidden' (change from 'cancel' to 'auth')

More information can be found in the release notes:

Download information can be found at https://prosody.im/download

Happy Jabbering,
The Prosody Team

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