On 2014-12-30 20:55, pawel.do...@sip-communicator.org wrote:
> Hello,
> Prosody returns error "Invalid IQ type or incorrect number of
> children"[1]when I try to include original request body in error IQ
> response. According to the specs[2] it should be allowed. Is it intended
> behaviour ?

No, this is a mistake.  IQ stanzas of type 'get' and 'set' are only
allowed to have one child tag, 'result' can have at most 1 child and
'error' can have 1 or 2 children. This was an attempt at making the code
more compact.  I committed a fix, it should be in the latest nightly
builds of the 0.9 branch and if we get around to doing a 0.9.8 release.

Kim "Zash" Alvefur

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