Hey All,

this issue is similar 
to https://code.google.com/p/lxmppd/issues/detail?id=268, only it happens 
with Hebrew, 

happens when adding a new user:

for example the input is  רונן@
in the database it appears as:            |  ×¨×•× ×Ÿ          | accounts   | password  

 and when logging messages using mod_mam and mod_mam_muc the output is the 
same (similar to the symbols).

* - when trying to reverse the string, the symbols reverse - so clearly it 
is a charset issue of some sort.
* - when communicating between clients the language does show correctly.
* - storage = "sql2"  is set in the .cfg file
* - version is trunk, both mysql client and server are set to utf8 (checked 
individual columns too).

Much appreciated! 

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