I'm trying to develop a module that does 2 things:

 * Firstly, implement two commands for users via the adhoc_new() method
   and later adding those descriptors with module:add_item()
 * Secondly, deny talking to someone that has issued one of the two
   commands above (via a hook on message/bare and message/full + events)

This would be working, mostly, however, there's a tricky part:

 * If I load the module for a specific MUC, I can process the hook
   successfully, but I can't see the two new commands added with the
   module:add_item() function in the list.
 * If I load the module globally, I can certainly see the two new
   commands in the list, however, I can't deal with the hooks as it
   seems they are processed too late.

So, how can I deal in order that I can see the two commands and handle the events in the hook function? Should I do two different modules, one for the adhoc functions and load it globally and another one for the hooks and load it per MUC?


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