On 20 March 2015 at 00:56, Simon Hill <simonhill...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I promise to get better at Lua and Prosody - currently I am a noob and ask a
> lot of stupid questions. Here's my question:
> I am trying to add vCard support to mod_offline_email. Zash kindly
> suggested:
>> local vcards = module:open_store("vcard");
>>  -- in a hook
>> local vcard = vcards:get(username);
>> local email = vcards:get_child_text("EMAIL");

This should be vcard:get_child_text() - vcards is the data store,
vcard is the user's vcard.

You might also need to deserialize the stanza object before you can
use it though. Run it through st.deserialize():

local vcard = st.deserialize(vcards:get(username));

Finally, although what you are doing seems like an obvious feature to
add, and quite simple, I have always refrained from adding it to
mod_offline_email. This is because the user's email address in the
vcard is not verified, they could put anybody's address there. This
would allow your server to be used as an open XMPP->email relay. It's
fine if your vcards are locked down to verified details and can't be
modified directly by the user though.


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