On 3/27/2015 3:23 PM, Matthew Wild wrote:
> Summary: I made a mess of merging the branches the other day, so build
> 117 had some regressions. Zash attempted to fix it with a couple of
> new merges, which resulted in build 118 - but the nightly page doesn't
> list merge commits (because they're not supposed to actually make any
> changes).
> It's still not right though, so I'm going to re-do the merges now and
> they'll land in build 119. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for explaining that. However when you say:

> because they're not supposed to actually make any changes

Are you saying that individual commits which change something are
reported as changes for a build, but if you were to report merge commits
you would end up reporting the same change twice (once when it was
actually made and then again when merging into a branch)?

I think I get what you're saying. I took a look at the "branch" docs for
Mercurial and I see that it's a lot more complex than I thought (SVN

>> I pulled down the 0.10 branch and ran a diff against the two revisions like
>> so:
>> user@testbox:/tmp/prosody-0.10$ hg diff -r 03a43bf3ecd2:61b6a4fc65f1
>> and got back this output:
>> [...]
>> I'm a complete newbie at Mercurial, so I could have gotten myself mixed up.
>> Is that the proper way to determine what changed between two nightlies?
> Yes, it is. Maybe we could add this output and a diffstat to the build
> nightly build page too :)

Thanks for the confirmation!

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