I have implemented the XEP-0356 (privileged entity), which allows an entity/component to have privileged access to server.

During the implementation, I realised that Prosody is lacking an event to know when a component is authenticated. According to a discussion on prosody@ MUC, I have a patched version which add it there: http://repos.goffi.org/prosody_modules/file/tip/core/mod_component.lua . Is it possible to merge it upstream ? It would be awsome to have it for 0.10

Also I'm missing an event to know when a component is disconnected, but it can wait.

I've used some parts of mod_remote_roster from Waqas Hussain and Kim Alvefur. I have seen on https://code.google.com/p/prosody-modules/ that it's MIT license, but it is not specified in the source itself, I guess it would be nice to add a COPYING file.

My implementation is available on http://repos.goffi.org/prosody_modules, it is also an MIT license and I would be happy to see it included with other community modules on https://code.google.com/p/prosody-modules/.

The implementation is nearly complete, except Business Rule #1 because Prosody don't keep presence of external entities in cache, I'll see later how to implement this properly. For now if you launch your privileged entity/component first, it should be OK.

To use the module, like usual add "privilege" to your modules_enabled, then specify privileged entities like that:

privileged_entities = {
        ["ro...@montaigu.lit"] = {
                roster = "get";
                presence = "managed_entity";
        ["jul...@capulet.lit"] = {
                roster = "both";
                message = "outgoing";
                presence = "roster";

It's my first Prosody module, and I'm not used to lua neither, so I hope it's not too dirty.

I'm starting the implementation of XEP-0355 (namespace delegation) now.

For the record, I'm doing all that because we are working on an external PEP service for our project which manage microbloging.


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