Hi Matthew

one quick question, I read in another thread that there was some work going 
on in the scaling part.
so if we really need to load balance across multiple servers, is it 
possible with Prosody as of now.
Any tutorial/doc you can point me to will be great too.

another option I read was that we can shard the users over multiple servers 
each server handling a sub-domain.
considering I have control over the client completely, can we easily have 
one user on on server talking to another 
user on another server easily and hence achieve horizontal scaling?

Pardon me english and knowledge of Prosody as I am quite new to it (just 
started looking at it a month ago)

On Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 9:11:14 AM UTC+5:30, Matthew Wild wrote:
> Hi Simon, 
> On 9 April 2015 at 00:27, Simon Hill <simonh...@gmail.com <javascript:>> 
> wrote: 
> > Hi guys, 
> > 
> > What's the overview on scaling prosody? Lua is fast, prosody is 
> lightweight, 
> > and you guys are awesome, but apart from that I know little about what 
> to 
> > expect as more concurrent users get added. I'm expecting to have to 
> support 
> > hundreds of simultaneous connections and tens of thousands of JIDs. 
> For those numbers there's really not much to do. The most important 
> thing is just make sure you're using libevent ( 
> https://prosody.im/doc/libevent ). You can confirm by Prosody's log 
> message at startup, which should say "Prosody is using the epoll 
> backend for connection handling" (on Linux). 
> For public servers it's also a good idea to enable mod_limits (from 
> prosody-modules), make sure mod_privacy and mod_compression  are 
> disabled (they are disabled by default), and enable mod_muc_limits too 
> if you have public chatrooms. 
> But there's no trick to it, Prosody will easily serve hundreds (and 
> well into the thousands) on any reasonable server without you having 
> to pay much attention to it. 
> Regards, 
> Matthew 

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