On 29 May 2015 at 04:38, Hugo Osvaldo Barrera <h...@barrera.io> wrote:
> On 2015-05-28 14:52, Guilhem Lettron wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> As you should know, code.google.com shutdown pretty soon.
>> I begin to work on a migration to github.
>> I also use this migration to split all modules in their own repository.
>> You can find the resulting work here https://github.com/prosody-modules
>> I manage to keep all history for all modules.
>> I'm open to any suggestion and don't hesitate to ping me for being able to
>> push on it :)
>> Thanks,
>> Guilhem Lettron
> I'm getting a strange deja-vĂș that I've already posted this, but there's no
> evidence supporting this, so:
> I just wanted to chime in and mention GitLab. It's a very mature open source
> GitHub clone. Seeing as how prosody is FLOSS, I'm assuming that the author(s)
> (and many users) care about this sort of thing.

We do, thanks.

However the issue still remains that we don't use git.

Is the expectation for the Prosody core team to move the project to a
VCS system that none of them like? I fail to see how that will help us
feel happier or to be more productive.

> For open source projects, there's free hosting[1], or you can host it yourself
> (I don't think there's interest in this for prosody). There's also some
> companies that set up a private instance for those interested, but I don't
> think that makes any sense here.

We currently host (almost) everything ourselves, and intend to
continue doing so.

The only things we don't host ourselves is 1) our issue tracker,
because Google Code's is one of the best I've ever used, and 2)
prosody-modules... because I wanted that to be clearly separated from
the main project, and have more of a community playground aspect to

And please let's *not* start debating what the best issue tracker is
:) We've done our homework, believe me.


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