I'm using Prosody for a Jitsi-Meet installation that is fairly detailed 
here: https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo/issues/22#issuecomment-143686744
When enabling mod_auth_ldap module I can login using a XMPP client like 
Jitsi, Empathy or Pidgin. However, when I try Jitsi-Meet, I get the 
following error in prosody.log:

Sep 28 10:03:46 boshed479f56-6a3b-420c-b330-00c1b4ea4bc6        debug   
Received[c2s_unauthed]: <auth mechanism='PLAIN' 
Sep 28 10:03:46 sasl    debug   Username or password violates SASLprep.
Sep 28 10:03:46 videokonf.domain.com:saslauth   debug   sasl reply: <failure 
username or password.</text></failure>

I've narrowed it down to accounts with a password containing non-english 
characters like swedish åäö or ÅÄÖ which is part of our alphabet. When 
trying a user with a not-so-complex password, the login works fine. 
However, I cannot rely on our users to choose a password not containing the 
letters åäö or ÅÄÖ since they are a part of our alphabet. I have no idea as 
of now if other characters are met with the same error message.

I have two problems:

1. Why in name of [random deity] does a login failure like this only get 
reported in debug mode? :) I've spent like three days on this before I 
noticed the error message. :/

2. I need this fixed in some way because these letters might be used by a 
number of our users. So how can I do this? It seems to be this file: 
https://github.com/bjc/prosody/blob/master/util/sasl/plain.lua that reports 
the error. How to fix it however, I have no idea.

Kindest regards,

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