When a guest visits a website, he may wants to ask help. This application 
is usually called live help. Actually there are a lot of solutions based on 
database already, such as https://livehelperchat.com/. And such a kind of 
application can forward the message to and from XMPP client so that the 
guest can chat with some staff, who is using XMPP client.

I am wondering whether there is a pure XMPP solution. In other words, the 
guest uses anonymous account of XMPP and then chat with someone.

Maybe there can be two options:

1. The guest chats in a MUC, then some bot forward to and from to an XMPP 
account. At least to notify someone to join the MUC.
2. The guest chat directly to someone by a server side function.

Any comments?

Thank you,


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