Hi David,

Thanks for the patch.

On 28 March 2016 at 21:52, David Favro <pros...@meta-dynamic.com> wrote:
> A little patch to give a reasonable version number when building
> prosody, for those who work with git as their VCS front-end.  Details
> are in the commit message.

I don't think this change really makes sense - we don't have an
official git repository, so git commit hashes are not meaningful in
identifying Prosody versions. Receiving bug reports from people who
have 'git:XXXXX' as their Prosody version is not going to help us
identify the version of Prosody they are using. We wouldn't even know
what git repository the hash referred to, and even if we did then it
would be a manual process to translate that into a hg revision - not
fun :)


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