I upgraded from nightly 245 to nightly 252 and noticed a "mod_compression has been 
removed in Prosody 0.10+" message in the log file. A reference to the module 
documentation[2] was given for additional information.

I checked the nightly changelogs and see that the change was made in build 

ad3dce172b01: mod_compression: Remove and replace with placeholder that logs an 
error [Matthew Wild]

I checked the page[2] referenced in the error message, but I don't see anything 
that states it is removed from the 0.10 branch or why it might be inadvisable 
to use the module. I see older posts to this list which mention possible Denial 
of Service issues. Is that the reason or is it something else?


[1] https://prosody.im/nightly/0.10/build249/
[2] https://prosody.im/doc/modules/mod_compression

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