Hi there !

We have observed as strange issue with BOSH requests handling. It is about 
tracking the "rid" value and discarding the request if the value is lower 
than the current one. When there is 1st request sent with large request 
table and is immediately fallowed by a small one, then on slow network 
connections it may happen that the second one is received on the Prosody 
side, before the first one. Then the "rid" counter is incremented and 
Prosody will ignore the first one. I'm not sure if I understand the BOSH 
specification correctly, but if we're running with 'requests'=2 then the 
server should allow to send 2 request at the same time and there is no 
guarantee from the network which one will arrive first(because there are 2 
TCP streams). Should the server in this case cache the requests that are 
within the window and process them when the window cache is filled in order 
? From the code looks like Prosody is not doing that. Do you think it would 
make sense to have it implemented and how complex would that be ?


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