Small patch to mention the dependency on ImageMagick.

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# HG changeset patch
# User Michael Vetter <>
# Date 1473939392 -7200
#      Thu Sep 15 13:36:32 2016 +0200
# Node ID af936f047cc56716070241574165701bf09d37a7
# Parent  a59671b3dd43d0e6dc904c94e65ebef75ad2b030
Add information about ImageMagick dependency

diff -r a59671b3dd43 -r af936f047cc5 mod_pep_vcard_png_avatar/README.markdown
--- a/mod_pep_vcard_png_avatar/README.markdown	Sun Sep 11 00:09:52 2016 +0200
+++ b/mod_pep_vcard_png_avatar/README.markdown	Thu Sep 15 13:36:32 2016 +0200
@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@
 Conversations (an XMPP client for Android) is publishing PEP avatars in the webp file format. However Pidgin and other XMPP desktop clients can only show vcard avatars, that are in the PNG file format. This module is the [mod_pep_vcard_avatar]( module extended to also change the avatar file format to PNG.
+This module needs `convert` from ImageMagick as an additional dependency.

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